2017 Storm Repair Projects

In 2017, Tuolumne County experienced three prolonged storm events between the months of January and February. Local, state, and federal authorities declared a state of emergency due to damage caused by the severe weather and flooding. Listed below are the completed and active projects.

Tuolumne Rd N. - County crews moved quickly to respond to major damage and clear roads from flooding
Tuolumne Rd N. - County crews moved quickly to respond to major damage and clear roads from flooding and landslides

Active Storm Projects

  • Little Fuller Road Culvert Replacement
  • Woodhams Carne Road Culvert Replacement
  • Rock River Road Culvert Replacement
  • Italian Bar Road Slide Repair
  • Marshes Flat Road Slide Repair 
  • Buchanan Road Landslide Repair
  • Standard Road Pavement Repair
  • Kewin Mill Road Pavement Repair 
  • Jacksonville Road Pavement Repair
  • Elderberry Way (near Hemlock Street) Pavement Repair 
  • Hells Hollow Road Pavement Repair 
  • Wards Ferry Road Pavement Repair 
  • Oak View Drive Pavement Repair 
  • Big Hill Road Pavement Repair
  • Red Hills Road Pavement Repair
  • Shell Road Pavement Repair

Completed Projects

  • Kewin Mill Road Culvert Replacement 
  • Red Hills Road Culvert
  • Confidence Road Slide Debris Removal
  • Evergreen Road Landslide Debris Removal
  • Evergreen Road Pavement Repair
  • Ferretti Road Pavement Repair
  • Hillsdale Drive Pavement Repair
  • Tuolumne Road North Pavement Repair
  • Old Oak Ranch Road Emergency Route Mitigation Repairs
  • Mono Way Pavement Repair
  • Red River Drive Pavement Repair
  • Old Hwy 120 Road Culvert Replacement
  • Murphys Road Culvert Replacement
  • Baird Road Culvert Replacement
  • Bennett Road Pavement Repairs
  • Middle Camp Road Pavement Repair
  • Sunny Circle Pavement Repair

Marshes Flay (Kelly Grade) Storm Damage
Marshes Flat Landslide
Marshes Flat Landslide Aerial Photos
Marshes Flat (Kelly Grade) – Projects to receive permanent repairs require geotechnical and engineering support before construction can proceed. In addition, the County is still working with FEMA to clear projects in order to proceed with construction.