PG&E Community Wildfire Safety Program

In response to last year’s wildfires and this year’s wildfire threat, PG&E is expanding and accelerating its vegetation and safety work in extreme fire-threat areas across Tuolumne County.

To maximize the safety of residents, PG&E is:

- Establishing safety clearances of 12 feet or more between trees, limbs and power lines

- Addressing overhanging branches or limbs which have the potential to come into contact with power lines

- Trimming or remove hazardous, dead or dying trees to better protect customers and reduce the threat of wildfire

- Removing wood debris and conducting work at no direct cost to customers

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Residents can leave a message for PG&E regarding this program at 1-877-295-4949. A call should be returned within 1 business day by a PG&E representative.  

Residents can also email their questions to