Tree Mortality Project Coordination

Below is an outline of the various agencies removing hazard trees around Tuolumne County

1. PG&E: PG&E contracts with ACRT to mark trees that threaten PG&E power lines. PG&E also contracts with various tree removal companies such as, Mountain Enterprises, Utility Tree Service, and Phillips and Jordan. Homeowners can participate in PG&E's debris removal program by calling 1-800-743-5000

 2. County of Tuolumne: The County is marking and removing trees that can fall onto or over a County maintained road, or County maintained structure. The County contracts with Certified Arborists and Registered Professional Foresters to mark trees that meet CDAA qualifications. After the trees are marked, the County then contracts with Licensed Timber Operators or D-49 Tree Service Contractors to fell the tree. CAL FIRE is providing crews from Baseline Conservation Camp to chip the slash and debris.

 3. Caltrans: Caltrans is removing trees that threaten state highways, such as Highway 108, Highway 120, Highway 49, etc.

 4. Tuolumne Utilities District: TUD is removing trees that threaten their flume, ditch, and water treatment infrastructure. TUD has marked those hazard trees that qualify for their program and will begin the tree removal process soon.