Tree Removal Projects


Buchanan Mine Road

Evergreen Road / Aspen Valley

Pine Mountain Lake Subdivsion

Big Hill Area

Log Removal Project

Confidence Road


High Hazard Trees


Big Hill Road

Old Strawberry Road

Highlander Drive

Longeway Road

Wards Ferry/ Deer Flat



Presentations have been created to highlight the various tree removal projects in Tuolumne County, and also to give the public some facts and figures of costs to remove and haul hazard trees. County staff will strive to keep this updated on a monthly basis. This report is also shared with the Governor's Tree Mortality Task Force led by CAL FIRE.

A presentation of completed and active projects across Tuolumne County for fiscal year 2017-18 is available here

The December 2018 report can be accessed by clicking here

An overview of completed projects and costs will be posted in April of 2019