Under Canvas/Hardin Flat LLC

We have received an application from Hardin Flat LLC for Site Development Permit SDP18-002 and Conditional Use Permit CUP20-018 to allow the development of a 99 unit tent campground site and supporting facilities such as a mobile kitchen, dining and reception tent, laundry facility, and bathrooms. The project site consists of two parcels totaling 80.1 + acre. The parcels are zoned C-K (Commercial Recreation) and C-K and O-1 (Open Space-1) under Title 17 of the Tuolumne County Ordinance Code. The project site is located south of the intersection of Hardin Flat Road and State Highway 120. A portion of Section 26, Township 1 South, Range 18 East. Supervisorial District 4.

Tuolumne County prepared an Initial Study for the proposed project, which can be accessed below. At the conclusion of the Initial Study, it was determined that an Environmental Impact Report should be prepared for the proposed project to complete further analysis. The County is working with the applicant and their consultant on initiating the preparation of the Environmental Impact Report.

Notice is hereby given that the County of Tuolumne (County) has prepared a Draft Environmental Impact Report. Interested parties are invited to comment on the Draft Environmental Impact Report in writing during this public review period. Please select the links below to review the EIR and appendices.

Under Canvas Final EIR

Under Canvas Draft EIR

Under Canvas Comments