County Mental Health Triage Services

SB82 Crisis Response Collaboration with Law Enforcement

Program Description:

  • A new Mobile Triage Response service is in place to divert individuals in mental health crisis from going to the hospital emergency department to outpatient services and provide brief case management and outreach to at-risk youth and adults such as homeless persons.
  • One Behavioral Health Worker (BHW) and two part-time Peer Specialists will provide mobile crisis triage services to assist law enforcement including Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office, Sonora Police Department, and other law enforcement jurisdictions.  The Mobile Triage Response collaborates with law enforcement to provide immediate in-person field responses to an individual experiencing a mental health crisis.  Law enforcement diverts emergency mental health crisis calls to a Behavioral Health Worker to immediately contact the individual and begin a crisis intervention.
  • The BHW provides crisis interventions to individuals in conjunction with Law Enforcement. They provide follow up case management to those individuals as appropriate.  Homeless individuals are outreached for potential referrals to resources and/or to Tuolumne County Behavioral Health for treatment or services.
  • While the BHW provides crisis services, the Peer Specialists assist in the coordination and development of local support services and link the individual to community resources and agencies.

Outreach Services:

  • Mobile Triage Response outreach is provided at local downtown areas and the local hospital in order to contact homeless and at-risk individuals.  By creating a community presence in areas of homeless traffic, the team provides preventative services and a connection to at-risk individuals.   The Mobile Triage Response will outreach to at-risk youth through local high schools, alternative school programs, school personnel, and community youth programs.

Target Population:

  • This program is intended for individuals who are experiencing a mental health crisis or emergency and have contacted emergency services.  The program focuses on teens and young adults aged 16-25 years of age, but also serves any adult over the age of 25.

How to Access Crisis Response Services:

Individuals may access the Law Enforcement and Crisis Response Collaboration Program through several different approaches:

  • Emergency calls are routed through either Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch, Sonora Police Department Dispatch, or other police jurisdiction (California Highway Patrol, National Park Service, etc.); or
  • Law Enforcement may contact the Mobile Triage Response team directly or through Tuolumne County Behavioral Health Crisis Services at (209) 533-7000.

Hours of Operations and Contact Information:

For more information, contact Behavioral Health at (209) 533-6245 during normal business hours Monday to Friday from 8:00 5:00 p.m. and ask for the SB 82 Mobile Triage Response Unit.   Email