Title 17 Zoning Code Update

Review the Draft Zoning Code sections here https://zoningtitle17.konveio.com/.

Consistent with the goals and objectives identified in the Tuolumne County 2018 General Plan, the County is updating Title 17 of Tuolumne County Ordinance Code. The Zoning Code Update addresses the following goals identified by the County: 


  • Implement Tuolumne County 2018 General Plan land use policies 
  • Meet goals identified in the County’s Senate Bill 2 Planning Grants Program application including        addressing Accessory Dwelling Units and streamlining the housing approval process 
  • Be consistent with State and federal law 
  • Create an intuitive document that is user friendly 
  • Create a transparent, predictable, and consistent process 
  • Respond to community concerns 
  • Promote infill, mixed-use, and development in Identified Communities 
  • Standardize and simplify development review 


The proposed revisions to Title 17 are now available for public comment. These draft documents can be found through the project’s Konveio public outreach site:  https://zoningtitle17.konveio.com/. On this website, the user can easily review and comment on the draft documents. Should additional guidance be needed on using the Konveio platform, please visit: http://support.konveio.com.


Public comments on the document can be made on the Konveio platform or submitted to the County by September 24, 2021.