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Working to bring high-speed internet to rural Tuolumne County

Thanks to everyone who helped correct the FCC Broadband maps! Nearly 500 challenges were submitted to the FCC to correct information on residences and businesses.

While the initial effort to correct FCC data to secure funding has been completed, it's still important to challenge problems when they arise. The FCC map will be used for future projects and funding so ensuring your information is correct is worth while. 

Check your internet service

  • The Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) broadband map shows internet service at every address in Tuolumne County.
  • Check your address for errors challenge any errors. Detailed instructions

Test your mobile speeds

  • Install the FCC Speed Test app on your mobile device and test your speeds.
  • This will help identify problems in FCC data and may result in improvements over time.
  • Test every week if you can. Learn more on our speed testing page.

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