Solid Waste & Landfills

The Local Enforcement Agency

The Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) program operates under the authority of the CalRecycle (formerly California Integrated Waste Management Board) and is responsible for ensuring the solid waste generated within Tuolumne County is transported, handled, processed, and disposed of using methods which will not create environmental, health, safety, or nuisance conditions.

The LEA program activities include:
  • Composting and transfer facilities
  • Inspecting landfills, transfer stations, composting facilities, and refuse collection vehicles and yards
  • Investigating complaints and mitigating problems associated with illegal dumping, disposal, or storage of solid wastes
  • Monitoring disposal facilities to exclude hazardous wastes, medical wastes or liquid wastes
  • Permitting solid waste disposal
  • Providing information to the public and industry regarding the proper disposal of solid wastes (including asbestos)

The Medical Waste Management Act

The Medical Waste Management Act, adopted by the state legislature in 1990, requires the management of medical wastes. This program includes permitting, registration, and inspection of sites such as:
  • Biotech facilities
  • Clinics and offices that generate large quantities of medical waste
  • Hospitals
  • Skilled nursing facilities

Registration is also required of all small quantity medical waste generators. The program reviews medical waste management plans during inspections, provides assistance and information to the public and industry, and investigates all medical waste complaints.