Tobacco Control Program

Free Help to Quit Tobacco

If you want support quitting smoking, vaping, chewing, or using any form of tobacco, free help is available!

----> Free local services from Public Health include:

Oral Hygiene Quit Kits| Kits to support oral health while quitting tobacco include items to reinforce alternative behaviors to using tobacco, support oral hygiene, and motivation/tips to quit. For a free kit, visit the Public Health Department during business hours, or call (209) 533-6862.

Quit Smoking/Vaping Classes | Group support to help you quit smoking, vaping or using tobacco using evidence-based curriculum. Offerings vary - please call for more information: (209) 533-6862.

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----> Free Kick It CA services include:

Telephone Counseling | 📞 1-800-300-8086 (ENG) | 1-800-600-8191 (ESP)

Website | 🌐

Online Cha| 💬

Text Program | ✉️ Quit Smoking & Quit Vaping | Text "Quit Vaping" or "Quit Smoking" to 66819

Mobile Apps | 📱 Quit Smoking & Quit Vaping Apps

Social Media @kickitca on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & YouTube


All Kick It CA services are available in English and Spanish. Many services are also available in Mandarin, Cantonese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Dangers of Tobacco

Tobacco products are a major public health concern, killing more than 40,000 Californians annually. Commercial tobacco products include cigarettes, nicotine vapes/e-cigarettes, chew, dip, snus, snuff, nicotine pouches, and any other form of for-profit product that contains nicotine (including synthetic nicotine). Find more information at the resources below.

undo Opens in new windowWorking to undo the tobacco industry’s damage and restore every Californian’s right to health and wellness.

flavorshookkids Opens in new windowProtecting kids from the dangers of vaping.

California Facts & Figures 2021 Opens in new windowAnnual report on tobacco use statistics in California. California Facts & Figures 2021

About the Tobacco Control Program

The Tuolumne County Public Health Tobacco Control Program is funded by the California Tobacco Control Program with funding from CA Propositions 56 and 99. The program works to help county residents kick tobacco out of their lives and out of their community’s shared spaces. Staff aim to reduce health disparities and prevent tobacco use by educating the public, serving as an active part of the local community, and providing technical assistance to businesses and organizations.

The program offers the following services, all free of charge:

  • Community Education: Staff are available to present to community groups, parents, youth groups, etc., on the impacts of tobacco, the youth vaping epidemic, cessation resources, or related topics as needed. The program is also available to attend and share educational materials at community events, schedule permitting. 
  • Educational Materials: Printed materials are available for individuals or organizations free of charge, and educational displays, models, and other items available on loan to local schools or organizations.
  • EPIC Youth Coalition: EPIC is a multi-agency coalition open to all high-school age youth in Tuolumne County. EPIC works to support and train youth to Empower their Peers and Inspire their Community. For more information or to sign up, visit the EPIC webpage or text/call (209) 768-5647. The 2023-2024 enrollment packet is available here: EPIC Enrollment Packet_23-24 
  • Information on Tobacco Laws: Questions or concerns about any tobacco control laws can be directed to the program.

The program also collects local data, assesses needs, and conducts many other activities in support or tobacco prevention and education. To contact the program about any services, call 209-533-6862 or email

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