Medical Facility

Medical Records

Tuolumne General Medical Facility closed on June 30, 2007. Per retention policy, all adult records have been destroyed or released to providers if requested. If one was an adult and received services, those records have been destroyed. One can contact one’s provider at that time to see if he/she/they have them. If one was a minor, we have some records and will keep them until the minor reaches age 22. Medical Records can be contacted at 209-533-5551.

About the Facility

Tuolumne General Medical Facility has a long legacy of providing quality health care services to the citizens of Tuolumne and neighboring counties. Over the years, Tuolumne County has been a leader in bringing new health care programs to the community. Generations of resident have experienced compassionate and caring ministration of their health care needs at the former Tuolumne General Hospital.

The facility operated as a full-service acute care hospital from 1849 until July 1, 2007, when acute, emergency room and all ancillary services were discontinued. The Acute Psychiatric Center provided care designed to meet the needs of the acutely-ill psychiatric patient until its closure on December 26, 2008.

The Long Term Care Unit offered outstanding care to the 42 residents of the skilled nursing facility until closure on December 1, 2011.