Alternatives to Detention Center

Summary of Services

Alternative Sentencing Programs

The Probation Department facilitates a number alternative sentencing programs including, an Adult Work Program, a Community Service Program, Sheriff's Parole, and an Electronic Monitoring Program. The following alternative sentencing programs operate out of the Alternatives to Detention Center located at 1194 Highway 49 in Sonora:
  • Adult Work Program
  • Community Service
The following programs operate out of the main Probation Office located at 465 S. Washington St., Sonora:
  • Electronic Monitoring
  • Juvenile Work Program
  • Sheriff's Parole
For information on specific programs, including enrollment information, please review Frequently Asked Questions on this webpage or call 209-694-2620.

Day Reporting Program

The Probation Department also operates a Day Reporting Program at the Alternatives to Detention Center. The program is operated in partnership with Behavioral Interventions Incorporated, a provider of evidence-based cognitive behavioral programs.

Probationers participating in the DRC program are provided with individually tailored evidence-based cognitive behavioral programming specific to their risk needs assessment. Programming includes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Moral Reconation Therapy, drug treatment, drug and alcohol screening, employment assistance, aftercare services, and assistance with referrals for various community services.

For information on the program please contact the BI Office at 209-532-1743.


Parking at the Center is generally sufficient but may be limited during certain hours. Individuals participating in programs at the Center should park in the Center's parking lot. Do Not Park at Vic's Towing or along Highway 49; your vehicle may be cited or towed at your expense.