CCW- Concealed Weapon Permits


 Office hours for permit pick up, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm


This information sheet is for persons desiring to obtain a permit to carry a concealed pistol, revolver or other firearm.  The issuance of a Concealed Weapons Permit is governed by California Penal Code Section 12050.

Concealed Weapons Permit

The Sheriff may issue a Concealed Weapons Permit under the following Conditions:

  • The Applicant is a resident of the County
  • The Applicant is of good moral character

Departmental Restrictions on Issuance of a Permit

  • Residence in the County for less than 1 year (There are some exceptions for employment in the County)
  • Subject of a Restraining Order issued by any Court
  • Conviction of driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol within the past 5 years
  • Conviction of a felony
  • Conviction of a misdemeanor offence which renders one unlawful to possess a firearm under Penal Code Section 12021
  • Conviction of a drug offense under the Health and Safety Code within the past 5 years
  • Other cause to question residency, insufficient cause for carry a concealed weapon, or suitability of carrying a concealed weapon.

Procedure for Obtaining a Concealed Weapons Permit
*****CCW Initial Application Procedure*****

All applications for Carrying Concealed Weapon permits are now submitted and processed through Permitium at the following web site:

****After applying on Permitium: Call 209-533-5833 to make an appointment for an initial interview****

CCW Application Tracker


Keep your CCW Order number and remember your password as you will need them to access your application later.

If computer assistance is needed, you can go to the Sonora CSU on Wednesdays between 10am and 4pm, please call beforehand for an appointment at 209-536-9828. There will be a volunteer there to answer questions and give you access to a computer and scanner.

For technical questions regarding the use of Permitium contact 855-642-2453 or



All applications for Carrying Concealed Weapon permits are now submitted and processed through Permitium at the following web site:


-Make sure you choose the RENEWAL application and not the Initial application
(Different fees apply, and you will have to restart your application). 

Approved CCW Instructors as of January 2020

Concealed Coalition           Website:         

Phone: 800-805-2238        Email: 

Confidence Firearms and Weapons Training

Phone 209-768-1497

First Response Tactical

Phone: 209-402-3141          Website: 

Forensic Consultant Services 

Phone: 209-795-0985 or 925-872-9764   Email:


Jason Frye 
Phone: 209-770-6283    Email:


Insight Firearms Training  
Phone: 559-479-0871 

Kiwi’s Custom Guns         Website:
Phone: 209-863-2355 

Rozo Tactical, LLC       Website:

Phone: 209-425-0075

Bill Tidwell               Website:
Phone: 209-878-3056    Email:

Spartan Defense Website:
 Phone: 209-202-8283 
Valley Defense Consulting           Website:
Phone: 209-552-5728 Email:


Weapons Training School               Website: 

Phone: 209-532-6677