Air Pollution Control District


Public Notice 

Pursuant to Tuolumne County Air Pollution Control District (District) Rule 500 - Sources Subject to Title V of the Federal Clean Air Act Amendments, the Air Pollution Control Officer has made a preliminary decision to issue a Title V Operating Permit to Pacific Ultrapower Chinese Station (PUCS). PUCS is located at 8755 Enterprise Drive, Jamestown.  PUCS operates a biomass fired electrical generating facility (25.6 MW Gross) and is classified as a Major source of air pollution pursuant to 40 CFR Part 70. This proposed permitting action is a permit renewal with administrative and minor modifications proposed by PUCS and the District; including incorporating requirements of 40 CFR Part 63 Subpart 5D.

Written comments may be submitted to the District within 30 days of the date of this Notice. The public can request a public hearing, if a hearing has not been scheduled, by submitting a written request to the District within 30 days of the date of this Notice. Written comments or a request for a public hearing must include the name, mailing address, comments, and/or a statement of the reason(s) for requesting a hearing. If a public hearing is to be held, the District will provide 30 days notification prior to the requested hearing.

 The Application, Permit Evaluation/Statement of Basis, and Proposed Permit are available for review at the District’s office at 22365 South Airport Road, Columbia.  Written comments or a request for a public hearing may be mailed to Tuolumne County APCD, 2 South Green Street, Sonora, 95370. Additional information may be obtained by calling Bill Sandman at (209) 533-6673.  
(Date of Notice: Tuesday, January 9, 2018)


 The Sonora Fire Department requires burn permits within the city limits of Sonora.   Burning by commercial businesses requires a burn permit from the Air District.  Any hazard reduction burning greater than two (2) acres requires a burn permit from the Air District.  

Burning on a no-burn day or burning prohibited non-vegetative material can incur monetary penalties of up to $1,000 per day.  It is your responsibility to determine if it is a burn day in Tuolumne County by calling (209) 533-5598.  For more information, the Air District can be contacted at 533-5693.   

Burn only clean dry vegetation.  Burning non-vegetation, wet vegetation, burning in a burn barrel, and burning on a no burn day are violations of Air District rules.

If smoke from your fire is creating a nuisance to your neighbors, you are required to put the fire out.  Please consider alternatives to burning such as chipping, recycling or composting.  

As an alternative to burning, the following companies are currently accepting vegetation:

Cal Sierra Waste Management
14959 Camage Road
(209) 533-0445

Green Works
18629 Eagle Ridge Drive
(209) 559-3946

Plainview Slash Site - Twain Harte
Hwy 108 and Plainview Drive