Columbia Airport

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100 LL
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* Fuel prices are updated regularly; please refer to for the most accurate prices. 

  1. Airport Businesses

Airport Businesses

Several aviation-related businesses are located at the Columbia Airport, providing aviation fuels, aircraft maintenance, aircraft charter, and flight instruction:


Bald Eagle Aviation (209) 533-4616 Operates the airport Lobby and provides fuel service via truck or a 24-hour fuel island. They sell 100LL and Jet A and offer a rental and courtesy car.

Aircraft Maintenance

Stenger Aviation (209) 533-3736 full-service airframe and powerplant maintenance and inspections. FAA Gold Seal flight instructor.

Jake's Air Repair (209) 651-0632 Services: Inspections, Owner Assisted Maintenance, Oil Change & Tune-up services. Major & minor repairs. 

Fixed Wing and Helicopter Charter Services

Courtney Aviation (209) 532-2345 Wildland Fire Aviation Services, Tactical Intel, Mapping, Air Attack, and Reconnaissance. Has several fixed-wing aircraft for charter ranging from a four-seat Cessna to a twin turboprop.

Inter Mountain Helicopters (209) 533-4374 provides helicopter charters to those that require remote access or special aircraft services.

Flight Instruction

Springfield Flying Service (209)532-4103) provides flight instruction for private pilots through commercial ratings. They have several instructors, aircraft, and an IFR-certified simulator.

CalFire Air Attack Base

Columbia Airport is the home of a CalFire Air Attack Base. They have two S2-T air tankers, a helicopter dispatched hotshot crew and an OV-10 observation aircraft. The CalFire Air Attack crews respond to fires throughout the area, providing much-welcomed support for fighting wildfires. Columbia Air Attack Base

PHI Air Medical 

Provides air ambulance services out of Columbia Airport. Their primary mission is to provide an emergency medical response to those in need outside the Sonora area. 

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Airport Overview Columbia Airport is within walking distance of the historic town of Columbia in the Sierra Nevada foothills at an elevation of 2118 feet. The airport features a lighted 4,650-foot paved runway and a 2,600-foot irrigated turf runway, both well-maintained by the airport staff. Tail wheel aircraft come from neighboring airports to experience the fun and challenge of landing on a real grass runway.

AWOS (Automated Weather Observation System)
The AWOS at Columbia Airport uploads weather data to the National Weather Service every 5 minutes call (209) 536-9384 for current AWOS data.
Traffic Pattern
 Columbia Airport’s traffic patterns are to the west of the airport to keep the aircraft from flying over Columbia State Park and Columbia Elementary School.  The normal traffic patterns are right traffic for Runway 17, left traffic for Runway 35, right traffic for Runway 11, and left traffic for Runway 29. Departures on Runway 11 are prohibited due to sight restrictions of traffic on Runway 17. Columbia Airport is an active Firefighting/Emergency Response airport. Please give right away to landing and departing emergency response aircraft traffic if it is safe. Please abide by all noise abatement procedures.