Open Enrollment

An open enrollment period is held annually, generally in the fall, with changes being effective the following January 1.

During open enrollment, eligible employees may enroll, change medical plans, or add eligible family members not currently enrolled. Employees enrolled in CalPERS medical will receive plan information directly from CalPERS. Each year, our office will send out a notification letter and/or email reminding all employees of open enrollment.

Qualifying Events

You may add eligible family members to your plan outside of open enrollment if you experience a qualifying event. Qualifying events include marriage, birth, adoption, or placement for adoption. We request that your enrollment / change forms are turned in no later than 30 days from the qualifying event. Timely submission of your forms can help to avoid payroll adjustments. A copy of your marriage certificate will be required when adding your new spouse.

Additional Information

For more information on your CalPERS medical insurance, visit our Medical Insurance page or visit the CalPERS website.