Labor Negotiations

Tuolumne County Human Resources is dedicated to maintaining positive employee - employer relations between the county and its employees.


Labor relations responsibilities include:
  • Negotiating labor agreement (memorandums of understanding) with unions and associations representing ten bargaining units
  • Monitoring compliance with all labor contract terms and conditions of employment
  • Providing advice to County management on labor relations issues


All Tuolumne County employees are represented by one of the following units:
  • Attorneys' Association
  • Deputy Sheriffs' Association
  • Executive / Confidential Unit
  • Health Care Employees' Association
  • Management Employees' Association
  • Professional Employees' Association
  • Road Operations Employees' Association
  • Skilled Trades and Maintenance Association
  • Tuolumne County Employees' Association

Memorandum of Understanding

Copies of the most recent memorandum of understanding (MOU) for each bargaining unit can be found below: