Fire Department

Tuolumne County Fire Department (TCFD), through a cooperative fire protection agreement with California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection (CAL FIRE), provides for the preservation of life and property through emergency medical response, rescue, extrication, fire control, fire and life safety inspections to over 2,200 square miles and approximately
55,000 residents of Tuolumne County.  

Through what’s commonly known as an Amador Agreement, another form of

ative fire protection agreement allowed through the Public Resources Code, Tuolumne County contracts with CAL FIRE to provide fire protection for when CAL FIRE is out of declared “fire season.” The County provides funding to staff Groveland CAL FIRE Station, Twain Harte CAL FIRE Station, and through another agreement with Mariposa County, provides for services at the Blanchard CAL FIRE Station (TCFD Station 64). 

For the calendar year 2020, there were 5,479 total incidents within the TCFD jurisdiction, compared to 5,951 in 2019 and just slightly below the 5-year average of 5,257. Of those incidents in 2020, there were 3,932 calls for medical assistance, 95 vegetation fires, 40 structure fires, 459 other fires, 200 hazardous materials/fire menace standby, and 754 other incidents. 

The TCFD is funded for 26 FTE positions. Twenty three of those through the cooperative fire protection agreement with CAL FIRE (Schedule A and Amador) and other agreements with Mariposa County and Columbia College. Those positions include as Assistant Chief, 2 Training/Safety Captains, 3.5 Emergency Command Center positions, 15.5 Engine Operators and 1 Fleet. The remaining positions are County employees and consist of an Administrative Assistant and 2 Fire Prevention Bureau positions which are supervised by the Assistant Chief.