National Disaster Resilience Competition

CDBG-NDR Section 3 Implementation Guide

Community Resilience Center Sub-Contractor Outreach January 11, 2021 Meeting Materials and Recording:

NDRC Phase II Contracts:

Robert Boyer Construction, Inc.


Cox Amendment 3

Cox Amendment 2

Cox Amendment 1


Ashby Amendment 2

Ashby Amendment 1


Lionakis Amendment 5

Lionakis Amendment 4

Lionakis Amendment 3

Lionakis Amendment 2

Lionakis Amendment 1


Wallace Kuhl & Associates

Groveland CRC Appraisal Services

Tuolumne CRC Appraisal Services

Roebbelen Construction Management Services Amendment 3

Roebbelen Construction Management Services Amendment 2

Roebbelen Construction Management Services Amendment 1

Roebbelen Construction Management Services

NV5, Inc. Third Party Plan Review

Biomass Utilization Fund:

The Biomass Utilization Fund (BUF) was allocated $17 million in federal funds to help finance new or expanding businesses located or locating in Tuolumne County that are capability of using the available biomass from the surrounding forests and provide an alternative to pile burning of forests waste.  Eligibility and Program Requirements

Forest and Watershed Health Pillar:

Fuel Break documents are being made available as part of HCD Public Review and Comment Process, as required by HUD, NEPA and EPA Regulations

Notice of Intent to Request Release of Funds and Notice of Findings of No Significant Impact

NDRC Fuel Breaks Project: Environmental Assessment

Draft Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) Action Plan Amendment

On January 7, 2020 the Board of Supervisors will take public comment on the Neighborhood Stabilization Plan (NSP) Amendment.   The State is proposing to utilize $3 million in NSP1 grand funds and approximately $2 million in NSP1 program income in the community of Groveland for the construction of a Community Resilience Center.  Due to design construction costs and unavoidable project delays, the current NDRC funding for this project was not sufficient.  

 Community Resilience Center/s State Approval

Press Release

 Community Resilience Center/s Project 2019

On or about April 29, 2019 Tuolumne County will submit a request to the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) for the release of Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding under Title 1 of the Housing & Community Development Act of 1974, as amended, to undertake projects known as The Groveland and The Tuolumne Community Resilience Centers, for the purpose of constructing and operating community resilience centers.

May 6, 2019 - 1:30 p.m. NDRC CRC Phase I Board Item and Report Summary and Power Point Presentation.

The following environmental review documents are available for public review:

Initial Study/Proposed Mitigated Negative Declaration for The Tuolumne Community & Appendix and The Groveland Community & Appendix;  

Environmental Assessment/Finding of NO Significant Impact for The Tuolumne Community & Appendix and for The Groveland Community & Appendix.

Tuolumne Legal Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request a Release of Funds

Groveland Legal Notice of Finding of No Significant Impact and Notice of Intent to Request a Release of Funds

 Community Resilience Center Background
The County is lead on the design and construction of a least one Community Resilience Center is the County. The center needs to be in or near the footprint of the Rim Fire area.

In May 2017, the County entered in an agreement with the State of California for this project. This agreement officially allowed the County to commence work on this project.

In August 2017, the Board of Supervisors awarded a contract to Lionakis Architects out of Sacramento to work on this project.

Also in August the Board of Supervisors approved the Community Resilience Center(s) organizational structure. The following committees/groups were formed to work on this project:

  • Advisory Committee- Provide high level oversight and guidance to the project.
  • Community Stakeholder Advisory Committee- It is the responsibility of this group to ensure that services and programs wanted in the community are communicated to the Architect and Advisory Committee.
  • Operational Stakeholders Advisory Committee- This committee consists of representatives from various agencies that might partner in providing services and programs at a Community Resiliency Center(s).
  • Community At-Large- Three public meetings will be scheduled to solicit input from the community as to what should be included in a Community Resiliency Center(s). Those meetings will be scheduled for October/November 2017 and will take place in Groveland, Tuolumne and Sonora.
  • County staff also sent out a Request for Proposals for NDRC Community Development Block Grant Consulting Services. At the September 5th Board Meeting a contract for these services was awarded to Cox Consulting. Cox Consulting will assist County staff in the following: assist in preparing needed documents, collecting required data, preparing claims and submitting reports to the state.

 Community Resilience Center Project Progression 
Late Summer/Early Fall of 2017 several public meetings were held to solicit input from the community noting what they wanted in Community Resilience Center.  This information was then included in a Programming Document.

In December 2017 the CRC Program Document was reviewed and approved by the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors.

Also, in December 2017, County staff  sent out a solicitation for property.  The County was looking for 2-4 acre parcels in or near the Rim Fire evacuation area.  Upon completion of the solicitation period the County received a total of eight property proposals.  Three (3) from the Groveland Area and five (5) from the Tuolumne area. Staff then spent the next couple of months evaluating each proposed property and conducted an initial environmental review.

On December 19, 2017 the Tuolumne County Board of Supervisors approved for staff to proceed with the next phase of work with one property in Tuolumne owned by the Mi-Wuk Tribe and one property in Groveland owned by Lawrence Griffiths and Groveland Community Services District.