What happens if I am bitten by a dog or my dog bites someone?
The State of California is a declared rabies area. Any time an animal that is susceptible to rabies, such as a dog or cat, bites or scratches someone it needs to quarantined. This can typically be done at home if the dog has a current rabies vaccination (given at least 30 days before the bite). In the case of home quarantine the animal must be kept within 4 solid walls such as a house, garage, or shed. An Animal Control Officer will come to the home to approve where the animal is being kept and have the owner sign a quarantine contract. Dogs that do not have a current rabies vaccination must go to the shelter or a veterinarian’s office for quarantine.

Be sure to seek medical aid if bitten by an animal. Rinse wounds as quickly as possible even if you only have access to water. If there is no animal to quarantine then rabies post exposure treatment will be recommended. Rabies is a fatal disease.

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