What if I have a complaint about an animal?
You will need to call our office during regular phone hours Monday- Friday 9:00-4:00. It is imperative that we actually speak to the reporting party to obtain all the necessary information. We do not handle anonymous or emailed complaints. A phone number must be provided for contact. It is also important to have the physical address so that prior history can be investigated. Please be as specific as possible with dates and times. Reporting party identities will be kept confidential unless the person chooses to be a witness.

Animal Control handles all legitimate complaints but priority is given to threats to public safety and animal welfare. In cases where a violation has occurred but it was not witnessed by the Animal Control Officer we cannot write a citation or submit a case to the District Attorney. It is up to the citizen witness to be willing to testify in these cases. It is also important to report problems when they first start to occur so that the history is documented.

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