Are there places in the County to rent that are affordable?
The Affordable Housing Resources in Tuolumne County’s Unincorporated Areas handout found on the Housing Division webpage provides a list of affordable housing developments in the unincorporated areas of the County and the contact information for these complexes. You will also find contact information for other organizations in the area that might be able to help you locate affordable housing.

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2. How do I find out about Section 8 Rental Assistance?
3. I might lose my house. Who can help me with foreclosure or short sale counseling?
4. I live in a mobilehome park. Who can help me with my concerns about the maintenance of the park?
5. Where can I learn more about County of Tuolumne Mobilehome Rent Control?
6. Where do I find a copy of the Tuolumne County Mobilehome Park Rent Control Ordinance Tenant Acknowledgment Form?
7. Does the County offer assistance programs to help me buy a home?
8. I own my home and can’t afford repairs. Can the County help me?
9. I can’t afford to pay my rent and utilities. Is there an organization in the County that can help me?
10. Are there places in the County to rent that are affordable?