Who’s working on this?

The effort spans across multiple County departments, including Administration, IT, Community Development, Public Works and more – each doing their part to contribute to various projects. The County is part of a regional consortium to pool resources and strengthen our negotiation position. Stakeholders of all types, including community members and business, Tribes, non-profits, ISPs and others will partner with the County as well.

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1. Why is this important?
2. How can I help?
3. What qualifies as high-speed internet?
4. What does Mbps mean?
5. Does connection speed matter?
6. What are the expected speeds of a fiber network?
7. Am I guaranteed to get internet service that is that fast?
8. Who is going to get faster service?
9. Doesn’t this create a gap in services?
10. Are there other forms of broadband service?
11. Are any projects underway?
12. I represent an ISP, who should I contact?
13. Who’s working on this?