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Tuolumne Youth Center

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The Tuolumne Youth Center

The Tuolumne Youth Center fosters a continuing appreciation and involvement in the youth and families of Tuolumne City and its neighboring communities. We do this through promoting the recreational values of our County, by creating a sense of community through positive interaction with the youth and their families.


It is the mission of the Tuolumne Youth Center to better serve the needs of the community's youth through positive recreational opportunities that include sporting events, educational classes, guest speakers, arts and crafts, field trips, volunteering, and much more. It is our goal to provide the necessary tools for our youth to succeed personally, professionally, and socially, so that they may achieve their goals in life.

Tuolumne Youth Center’s Role in the Community

  • To build positive relationships and attitudes with the youth and their families, as well as local businesses, county agencies, and community members
  • To educate the youth on new recreational opportunities, as well as encourage participation in recreational events
  • TYC programs help to enrich the youth’s lives by offering leadership opportunities, job opportunities, volunteerism, and homework help
  • Provide a safe, fun environment where they can learn, play, and grow
  • Act as a deterrent to outside influences (i.e. drugs, alcohol, cutting school)
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