Local Agency Formation Commission

Purpose Statement

The Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) of Tuolumne County was established by state law in 1963 to discourage urban sprawl and encourage the orderly formation and development of local agencies. 

LAFCO is responsible for coordinating logical changes in local government boundaries including annexations and detachments of territory, incorporations of cities, formations, consolidations, merges, and dissolutions of special districts, as well as reviewing was to reorganize, simplify and streamline government structure.

 LAFCO Project: Tuolumne City Sanitary District

Authorizing Legislation

Government Code Section 56000


LAFCO is comprised of six (6) members

  • (2) Board of Supervisors
  • (2) City Council (appointed by City Council)
  • (1) General Public Member (appointed by other members of LAFCO)
  • (2) Special District Representative 

Regular Scheduled Meetings

  • Meeting Date: Second Monday of the Month
  • Meeting Time: 4:00 p.m.
  • Meeting Location: Meeting location will be noticed in the Agenda prior to meeting. 

Principal Staff

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