Victim Witness Assistance Center

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Tuolumne County Victim Witness Assistance Center, in accordance with Penal Code Section 13835, to reduce the trauma and insensitive treatment that victims / witnesses may experience in the wake of a crime, to improve the criminal justice system's understanding of the needs of victims, and to attempt to decrease the incidence of unreported crimes by establishing trust in the criminal justice system.

Services Provided

The Victim Witness Assistance Center is mandated to provide services to victims and witnesses of all types of crimes and not restrict services to victims / witnesses where there is an identified suspect.

However, due to the ever increasing crime rate and the inability of staff to respond to all crime victims, this agency will provide comprehensive services to all crime victims upon request and provide outreach to those crime victims / witnesses who have special needs. Special needs can be defined as, but not limited to, victims of child abuse, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, domestic violence, drunk driving with injury or death, homicide, or aggravated assault. In addition, a special needs victim can be defined as a victim with a physical, mental, or developmental disability, the elderly, non-English speaking, or the hearing impaired.