Legislative Advocacy

Each year, the County Administration Office collaborates with the Board of Supervisors and Departments to develop the Legislative Platform of the County of Tuolumne. The Legislative Platform provides the opportunity for the Board to establish the basis for legislative advocacy at the state and federal level. It also establishes general direction to the County Administration Office and Departments, state and federal representatives, and the public on the Board's positions of support or opposition to upcoming policy. With the platform in place, the County Administration Office, the Board, and Departments seek to protect Tuolumne County's interests by tracking and responding to bills drafted by the state and federal legislatures each year. 

Legislative Resources

For those members of the public interested in tracking what the State and Federal legislatures are working on, there are resources available. The California State Association of Counties (CSAC) and the Rural County Representatives of California (RCRC) are policy advocacy groups that advocate on behalf of their member counties. Each of these groups develop their own legislative platforms and track, support, or oppose legislation. Members of the public can visit their websites and view their individual legislative trackers to see what bills they are following, the current status of these bills, their positions on each, and any letters that they have sent in support or opposition to them.

Additionally, any interested members of the public can follow the activities of the State Legislature by visiting the California Legislative Information website or the activities of the Federal Legislature at the United States Congress website. On each of these websites, users can examine the full list of bills, schedules, floor sessions, and committee hearings of the respective legislative bodies.

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