2013 Grand Jury Report

2013 Grand Jury Report and Responses

The Grand Jury annually issues a final report which contains several reports addressing one or more issues. California Penal Code § 933 requires responses from governing agencies, including the Board of Supervisors, city and county governments, schools, special districts and certain nonprofit corporations. This ensures that their functions are performed in a lawful, economical and efficient manner. Each report contains information such as the background regarding the subject matter, reasons for the investigation, the procedures followed in obtaining information, findings, conclusions, and recommendations. All required responders must reply, in writing, to each finding and recommendation in the specific report within a given time period.

Below please find the links to the 2013 Grand Jury Report and Responses.

2013 Complete Grand Jury Report
Response: Sierra Conservation Center
Response: Belleview School District
Response: Columbia Union School District
Response: Probation Department
Response: Office of the County Counsel
Response: Behavioral Health
Response: Community Resources Agency
Response: Public Health
Response: Human Services Agency
Response: California Highway Patrol
Response: Columbia Fire Protection District
Response: Board of Supervisors and CAO - Jail
Response: Board of Supervisors and CAO - AB109
Response: Board of Supervisors and CAO - Building Code Compliance
Response: Sheriff's Office
Response: Sonora Regional Medical Center
Response: Sonora Police Department
Response: Amended Columbia Fire Protection District