Water Safety Tips For Parents


The safety of our guests, young and old, is our number one priority and it is something that we take very serious so that everyone has an enjoyable but safe experience at our aquatic facilities. View the Pool Rules and the tips below to help make sure that your next visit to one of our pools is a safe and enjoyable experience.

Why is Swimming Important?

  • Swimming is extremely beneficial to one’s mental and physical health
  • Swimming is an activity and exercise that is a life-long sport
  • Swimming promotes multi-generational interaction
  • It is fun for all!

How Can Parents Prevent Accidents?

  • Sign your children up for swimming lessons to teach them to be safe in and around the water
  • When using a floatation device make sure to use a properly fitted Coast Guard –approved life jacket
  • Make sure that children three and under are at least arm’s length away or less any time in the water
  • Continuously watch all of your children, no matter what their age
  • Make sure that you and your children have plenty of water to drink
  • Make sure

Facts That Parents May Not Know

  • Shallow water is the most common area for drowning, especially in water that is three feet deep or less
  • Sending your child to hang out on the wall by the lifeguard stand is actually a blind spot in their scan
  • According to the National Aquatic Safety Company the fastest recorded drowning was 38 seconds
The lifeguard's duty is to prevent accidents from happening. They are responsible for the overall safety of a facility, you are responsible for your child's safety.