Environmental Review Documents

The County follows the Guidelines for the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) and other related environmental review laws and regulations when reviewing the environmental impacts of proposed development projects.  Often this process results in publication of environmental review documents that become available for public review and comment, and are used during the decision making process.  To see the environmental documents that are currently available, you can visit the Community Resources Agency during regular business hours, or read all of the currently available documents online at the list of Environmental Review Documents.    You can also read the documents from the following list:

 Document Name:  Last day comments will be accepted:
 Hidden Meadow Terrace SDP21-008; GPA21-003; RZ21-010  November 1, 2021
 Solari (T20-006) Initial Study/MND  October 25, 2021
Updated Valley Vista Subdivision
GPA10-00(1), RZ10-005(1), T10-010(1),
PUD10-002(1), CUP10-004(1)
CEQA Addendum to Adopted IS-MND 
Modifications of Conditions of Approval
September 10, 2021