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  1. Disclaimer

    It is the intent of the GIS Division to replace the existing downloadable files on a regular basis to provide a reasonably current set of files for users. Those files that change the most frequently include the Parcels, General Plan Land Use Designations, and Roads; and these will be replaced with updates approximately 2-3 times per year. Others that change less frequently will not be replaced until necessary. However, the County of Tuolumne assumes no liability for any decision made on data that has been made obsolete due to a change to a data set that has not yet been incorporated into the County’s database, copied, zipped, and made available for download. Users are responsible for checking any zoning or other attributes prior to any investment based on that assumption by contacting the Community Development Department directly for verification. The County is also not responsible for any use of a data set that has been made obsolete by delays in editing the database or in the posting of a new and revised file for download. The user is responsible for checking the county’s site to see if new data is available. The county will not be providing notification of posted revisions. Tuolumne County has a page that explains the accuracy limitations and intended uses for the GIS Data that is available from the download list. Users are responsible for reviewing that published information regarding those layers they intend to download and use prior to actually doing so, and review the information at following location:

  2. Tuolumne County makes these GIS files available for free download and use, but intends that all users complete this procedure. Upon completion of the form, you will be provided the address to the folder that contains the download files. That path is not found on any other page of the County website is not otherwise advertised. It is intended that the only way a users gets that path is by completing this process. Therefore, if you become aware of any co-workers, associates or persons that may also desires the files, you shall direct them to this page to complete the form, rather than direct them to the download folder bypassing this page and its form. However, once you do get the path to the download folder, you are welcome to keep that path in a shortcut or favorites list to make downloading updated versions easier. By completing the form below, I agree to abide by the above and by the limitations and stipulations found within any read-me and other meta-data files found associated with each layer.
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  4. A valid email address is required to receive the address to the download folder.
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