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Information for waste disposal programs that require self-haul, an appointment, or taken directly to Cal Sierra can be found at the following website.

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The county is working with various state and federal partners to establish a process for the assessment and removal of household hazardous waste and asbestos, as well as structural ash and debris from the fire. This process will be announced to the public upon its completion. Fire damage can create significant health and safety hazards that may be present at individual properties. It is recommended to not disturb structure ash due to potential exposure to toxic materials. If you choose to visit your property, use extreme caution, as you will encounter dangerous conditions and may be exposed to toxic materials, and physical hazards. Wear gloves, long-sleeved shirts, and long pants to avoid skin contact, whenever possible. Goggles should be worn. Contact with wet ash may cause chemical burns or irritation on skin. Change your shoes and clothing prior to leaving the decontamination site, to avoid tracking ash into your car, home, etc. Wear a close fitting respirator mask that is rated N-95 or P-100 to block particles from ash or smoke from being inhaled. 

 Please view the Official Statement from the Community Development Department for more details.

Dangerous Debris Fact Sheet

Reduce Exposure to Ash Returning Home After a Fire

Safe Cleanup of Fire Ash