Canine Program

Services Provided

The Sheriff’s Office has a K-9 program, which augments our Operations Division and assists other local agencies. The program is funded through contributions from public and private donations here in Tuolumne County.

The K-9 Unit greatly enhances the agency’s ability to apprehend criminal suspects and locate hidden narcotics which translates to a safer community for everyone. Since our K-9 team was brought online, we have saved thousands of man hours during building and vehicle searches at a much higher level of safety for law enforcement officers. The K-9 Unit also provides demonstrations at schools and businesses upon request and has participated in many community events such as parades and rodeos.


During working hours, the K-9 team patrols parks, schools, business complexes, college campuses, and is regularly called to the scene of burglary alarms, foot pursuits etc. Our canine is a “dual purpose” dog, meaning he is trained to apprehend criminals as well as perform narcotics detection. He has also helped locate lost children, hikers, and developmentally disabled persons.

It is the desire of the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office to provide the safest environment possible for its residents and visitors. To that end, the K-9 program provides Officer and Community safety as well as an outreach program. The program itself is paid for solely be the generosity of our Community donations.