Our Department

County IT staff partner with agencies and departments in utilizing information technology to enhance the services to the citizens of our County. The County's Information Technology infrastructure and personnel support a huge array of services, including networks, phone systems, all County information systems, hardware and software, and the County website.

The department is comprised of three functional areas:

  • Application Development & Support
  • Radio Communications
  • Technical Services

Application Development & Support

Database and Enterprise Systems
Provides the necessary database infrastructure required to support the enterprise computing needs of the County such as financial systems and payroll. This group works on application fixes, maintenance, enhancement and development for departmental data needs. This group also provides the structural database functionality for the County’s website.

Systems Analysis

Systems Analysts review, evaluate and liaison with County departments and agencies to ensure adequate support and availability of information technology services. Systems Analysts are assigned to various departments and become involved with understanding each departmental need and assisting with recommending and implementing technical solutions for the departments they serve.

IT Project Management

With technology continually evolving, there are a continuous flow of requests for implementing new technology solutions, improvements and enhancements. In addition to the IT department’s regular support and maintenance, departments and agencies submit requests to implement these new technologies. To help prioritize these requests, the County has implemented the Information Technology Steering Board (ITSB). The ITSB is comprised of leaders from Communities of Interest (COI’s) that are made up of County Departmental Agencies. Departments submit project requests to their COI’s which in turn are taken to the ITSB for final prioritization.

Radio Communications

Radio Coordinator
This group provides all services, hardware, software and cable plant maintenance necessary to support radio communications in the county. Radio support is provided to the Sheriff Office, Road Operations, Animal Control and other critical radio needs of the county.

Technical Services

IT Exchange
Designed to be the central point of contact for IT related problem resolution for County departments and agencies, the help desk provides the front line support for users. The help desk responds to phone calls and emails from county departments with questions regarding their computer systems. The help desk staff resolve many technical issues over the phone or by traveling to the user site.


The networks group maintains the backbone of the information systems structure. This group maintains all of the server hardware and equipment that makes all the county applications and phone systems operate. Networks implements and maintains all the infrastructure, wiring and services at all county facilities for dependable, efficient County communications.


The telecommunications group maintains the telephony infrastructure that supports the county office telephone systems. This group maintains the telephone switch hardware and equipment that makes all of the county phone systems operate. The group also provides hardware and software that supports the county voicemail system. In addition to the hardware and software necessary to support the telephone operation, the group maintains the physical wiring in each county office.