Special Event Permit

The term special event refers to a special use of a road or roads in such a way as to directly impact vehicular traffic. A Special Event Permit is required to insure the safe conduct of the traveling public within the county roads system. Please review each document in this section.


Carefully review the Special Event Permit Information for Applicants. Allow at least four weeks notice prior to your event. A Special Event meeting will be held to discuss your traffic plans and review your traffic control equipment and event staffing. You will be notified of the date and time for your meeting. If you are unable to attend, please choose an alternate person to represent you and your event.

Please use the Sample Traffic Plan when preparing your traffic control plan. Show all barricades, signage, traffic control equipment and personnel, traffic flow, parking areas, and any other traffic control equipment. The Special Event Checklist will aid you in preparing the traffic plan. All traffic control equipment must meet Caltrans standards.

Exhibit A Rules for Special Events will provide you with the necessary information for your required financial responsibility.

A fee will be levied on those events not meeting the criteria for non-501c organizations (not for profit events). If you do not qualify as a non-501c organization, please view the fee schedule.