Safety & Loss Prevention

About the Program

The County’s Safety and Loss Prevention Program aims to provide a safe environment for county employees and members of the public.

The program consists of the Safety Committee, the Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP), incident response, and compliance with OSHA and HIPAA. Training is provided to departmental safety representatives who assist in maintaining safety standards and implementing safety programs.

Risk Management staff provides safety oversight, policy development, and support services. Support services include consultation as well as training materials and educational videos that are provided to county departments for internal training.

Reporting Safety Concerns

When an employee becomes aware of a safety concern, he/she should report it to the Risk Management Division at 209-533-6956 if it is a concern that cannot be corrected within the department. If the department has its own safety representative, the concern should be reported to him/her.

To report a safety concern, the employee, departmental safety representative, or a departmental manager should fill out a safety concern or suggestion report. The safety concern will be investigated and a response made to the complainant with recommendation.